Israeli high-tech through American eyes

I moved to Israel three years ago, knowing little Hebrew, leaving behind a comfortable life in the U.S. in search of a different type of life, hoping to find knowledge, meaning and personal fulfillment. Three years later, after gaining extremely thick skin, almost-fluent Hebrew, and a variety of life-changing experiences under my belt, I finally feel grounded in my adoptive country. A big part of this is because I have a stable job that I enjoy. I’m a Product Content…

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How I linked animated headers to scroll position in React Native

Here at Soluto we use React Native to build our mobile apps. We often use Animated to drive animations designed to give our users a smoother and friendlier experience. Recently, I was working on a feature that called for a cool, fun animated header. When researching online for how to get started I discovered that most information on the web about React Native Animated refers to “independent” animations, the kind triggered by clicking a button or loading a page. I…

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How I created a product knowledge base (and regained my sanity)

At Soluto, sharing knowledge is extremely important to us. Our teams share updates every morning and at the end of every week, on Slack, in Facebook Workplace, video syncs with remote teams, task boards, morning coffee… you get the point. The amount of information shared is endless, and people that need this information are forced to consume it from multiple channels. Not only that, but since the product managers aren’t the ones marketing our finished product, but clients/sales teams are,…

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Security Tests Made Easy with OWASP Zap

Are you running security tests in your CI? You might be wondering – what does running security tests even mean? What does it do? Security tests just test your code for known vulnerabilities, to make sure hackers will not be able to hack into your system. This might sound complicated – but actually, it is pretty simple. There are many existing tools that you can use for running security tests – and in this blog post, I will introduce one of…

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Untangling Product Roles

We all know that feeling. It doesn’t matter if you’re a developer, designer or even a product person – you aren’t really clear about who does what within the product scope at your company. You have a question or a great idea about the product, and you have no clue who you should address. Don’t worry, you’re not weird. You just entered the product world. Welcome. I hope to clarify this world a little bit for you in this post….

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