Integration tests: Fake it till you make it!

If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night and had to fix a bug in your production code, or if you’ve ever worked on the same project for months on end, you know the importance of testing. Traditionally there are three or four levels of testing in the software development world: unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests. Unit tests validate that your code’s explicit logic does what you wanted it to do, while end-to-end tests ensure…

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Get a quick start with PySpark and spark-submit

We just released a new open source boilerplate template to help you (any Spark user) run spark-submit commands smoothly – such as inserting dependencies, project source code and more. TLDR: Here is an open source template to help you get started At Soluto, as part of our everyday Data Science work, we create ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) jobs. Our main tool for this is Spark, specifically, PySpark, with spark-submit Spark is used for distributed computing on large scale data sets….

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Why a flexible team structure will help you achieve your goals

Every week, a group of teams in our company gets together for a sync to share what each team is working on. During a recent sync, the dev manager announced their decision to dissolve one of the teams and assign its members to different teams. This was devastating news. Demoralizing. It could only mean one thing: the team was a total failure, right? Actually, it’s quite the opposite! Reorganizing teams regularly in order to keep a flexible team structure is a…

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Is your Git repo a hot mess? Ours was too

Remember that time you wanted to have a small get together at your apartment? You invited a few of your friends, bought a few drinks and put on some good music… then your friend Bob invited his roommates, your friend Alice invited her co-workers and all of a sudden it was a full blown party. It was a chaos. Now think about your Git repo. Similar to the party, when there were only a few developers working on the same…

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Can Kubernetes Deployment be fun and simple?

Short answer: YES (scroll to end to find out, or check out the sample repo). Long answer: Read along to find out! Kubernetes deployment seems pretty simple: all you need is just a bunch of YAML files, and by using kubectl (the Kubernetes command line utility) you’ll have your service up and running in your Kubernetes cluster. Although deploying one service is an easy task, how do you deploy hundreds of microservices? At Soluto, we have more than 100 live…

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