Author: Nir Hadassi

React Class features vs. Hooks equivalents

I gave a talk during a recent meetup at Soluto HQ — Intro to React Hooks. While preparing for the presentation, I fell completely in love with Hooks. Although I was skeptical at first glance, I quickly realized how easy it is to use them and how they make perfect sense. You can really tell how much thought was put into the API and how it solves real life problems. You can find a video of my talk attached to…

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Size matters: how I used React Native to make my app look great on every device

Every example on this post can be found here. Have you ever had your designer hand you a cool design for your React Native app that you developed on, say, an iPhone 7 – and when you try to run it on a tablet, it looks like it was left in the dryer for too long? That’s probably because the design was created using pixels whereas all dimensions in React Native are unitless, represented by “dp” (density-independent pixels). Simply put…

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