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Applying microservices design patterns to scale react app development

Working with React and React Native for the past two years has been a great experience. It’s helped us overcome many issues with our hybrid app, improved the look and feel of the app, and generally had a very positive impact on our development experience. As great as these technologies are, having multiple teams working on the same app (a single, shared codebase) was still a difficult task and we were still dealing with some challenging issues: A team could…

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Relay Server in 30 Lines with Rx

Soluto has Technicians that offer online support for customers. A customer can call on any issue he experiences with one of his smart devices and gets instant help. We develop tools that help our technicians to have fast and quality support sessions. To achieve this, we need a communication channel between the two ends – the technician website and the customer’s phone. A real-time channel between two ends on the internet can be tricky. Customers can be connected to any…

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