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Focusing On The Problem Sounds Trivial, But Are You Really Doing It?

It’s a common perception that we product managers are “solutions people”. We have great ideas for new opportunities, improving our flows and hitting our goals.
However, attending the INDUSTRY product conference helped us realize that in fact, we should be Problem People.

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Get to know your customers from REAL close

We tend to think we know our users and know what to expect of them when adding a feature or creating a new user experience. One important experience reminded us how it’s not always the case, and how sometimes the best way to learn about our users is to closely watch them use our product in their natural environment. It’s as simple as that. My team at Soluto Tel-Aviv focuses on the first experience of our customers with the product….

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Why working with a product-oriented team is awesome

As a Product Manager, one of the most frustrating things is the feeling of a tug-of-war contest with developers colleagues: Developers will pull the rope towards technical debts and a robust infrastructure, while PMs will pull it back towards top notch designs and user experience. Most of the time, the root cause for the tug-of-war contest feeling is not about the quality of the people. Rather, awesome employees tend to pull the rope because the culture of the company encourages…

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Overwhelmed by logs? Kubernetes to the rescue!

In Soluto we use a microservices architecture, whereby each service can ship its logs to our third party logs provider and query them to create alerts and dashboards and to improve visibility. As logs multiplied, the issues started… The continuous growth of our company has presented a new challenge to our logs collection system. The weekly addition of new services to our backend architecture led to an exponential growth of our log volume. All good up to here. However, this…

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Can Kubernetes Keep a Secret? It all depends what tool you’re using

At Soluto, we have super-devs who have full ownership: from writing code to deploying it to monitoring. When we made the shift to Kubernetes, we wanted to keep our devs independent and put a lot of effort into allowing them to create services rapidly. It all worked like a charm – until they had to handle credentials. This challenge leads us to build Kamus – an open source, GitOps, zero trust, secrets solution for Kubernetes applications. Kamus allows you to…

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