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Why working with a product-oriented team is awesome

As a Product Manager, one of the most frustrating things is the feeling of a tug-of-war contest with developers colleagues: Developers will pull the rope towards technical debts and a robust infrastructure, while PMs will pull it back towards top notch designs and user experience. Most of the time, the root cause for the tug-of-war contest feeling is not about the quality of the people. Rather, awesome employees tend to pull the rope because the culture of the company encourages…

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How I created a product knowledge base (and regained my sanity)

At Soluto, sharing knowledge is extremely important to us. Our teams share updates every morning and at the end of every week, on Slack, in Facebook Workplace, video syncs with remote teams, task boards, morning coffee… you get the point. The amount of information shared is endless, and people that need this information are forced to consume it from multiple channels. Not only that, but since the product managers aren’t the ones marketing our finished product, but clients/sales teams are,…

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Untangling Product Roles

We all know that feeling. It doesn’t matter if you’re a developer, designer or even a product person – you aren’t really clear about who does what within the product scope at your company. You have a question or a great idea about the product, and you have no clue who you should address. Don’t worry, you’re not weird. You just entered the product world. Welcome. I hope to clarify this world a little bit for you in this post….

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The keys to creating an effective user survey

The hardest task as a product manager is the guessing game. Basically, we have to guess what users want or need. If you’re in the B2B industry and you want to think about your next step, all you have to do is ask your business users what they need. Add some development estimation to the mix, and you have yourself a roadmap. However, in the B2C industry, and especially in the mobile apps industry, you can’t really do that. First of…

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Testing for dummies Product Managers

Bugs – we all hate them One of your team’s features has a bug, again… You either can’t learn what you hoped to from this feature (is the feature working as we expected it to work? Do users like our new feature?), or does it cause a bad user experience? Best case it’s annoying, worst case it costs you time and money. Now you have to navigate rough waters with customers, and fix the issue instead of moving forward to…

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