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Our journey to better personalization using a recommendation engine – part 2

We just introduced (in part 1) the different models we use to greater personalize the notifications and content we offer to our users. Now we’ll present our experiences when building our very first recommendation engine. Collaborative filtering – predicting whether a user will click on a notification When thinking about how to apply these recommendation methods in our use case, we identified two important factors – What will make a user click on a notification and open it Which content…

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Our journey to better personalization: using a recommendation engine – part 1

Imagine you just finished watching a great movie on Netflix, and immediately afterwards you receive the following recommendation for your next movie: If you’re into old Chinese movies, then you’re in luck. But if not, you’ll probably be frustrated and turned off by this terrible recommendation. This example shows how important the use of personalization is and how it impacts your users’ feelings and thoughts about your product. Recommendation engines are a very effective way to personalize your product and…

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