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One-to-many Mobile Apps

In the mobile world, a white-label app is an app offered by someone other than the app’s creator, usually under a different brand name. In some cases, a company can offer a variety of white-label applications. Providing white-label apps can get a bit messy, depending on the level of modularity and customizability of the apps. The big question is: how can it scale? If you only want to deliver a few customized binaries, doing it manually is manageable. But what…

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How Fastlane Saved Us from Deployment Hell

At Soluto, we’ve created a platform that we provide to different mobile phone carriers and service providers. It’s only one codebase, but it gives each partner their own “flavor” of the app by allowing them to control the color palette, assets, and other features to their liking. The thing is, to develop, test, and deploy this kind of app, we need the ability to use multiple deployment platforms and support multiple build configurations for each “flavor” of the app. And…

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