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React Class features vs. Hooks equivalents

I gave a talk during a recent meetup at Soluto HQ — Intro to React Hooks. While preparing for the presentation, I fell completely in love with Hooks. Although I was skeptical at first glance, I quickly realized how easy it is to use them and how they make perfect sense. You can really tell how much thought was put into the API and how it solves real life problems. You can find a video of my talk attached to…

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Applying microservices design patterns to scale react app development

Working with React and React Native for the past two years has been a great experience. It’s helped us overcome many issues with our hybrid app, improved the look and feel of the app, and generally had a very positive impact on our development experience. As great as these technologies are, having multiple teams working on the same app (a single, shared codebase) was still a difficult task and we were still dealing with some challenging issues: A team could…

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You’ve Got React Native All Wrong

You hear a lot of buzz about React Native these days, yet most people seem to talk about its ability to run on multiple platforms as its main benefit. However, I think this ignores so many advantages it has over the other options. I believe that the tools I use to build apps help me be productive and successful in doing so. As a frontend dev, beyond the abilities of the platform, how I write, test, reorganize and refactor my code are critical aspects that make…

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